A master piece by Bruno Vellutini -Watch a sea biscuit getting to life

This is just awesome !!!! There can hardly be any better example of Watching an animal getting to life. Bruno Vellutini created an video depicting the life cycle of the sea biscuit Clypeaster subdepressus, which was a part of his masters thesis. Its really a beautiful done video displaying all the stages of sea biscuits life cycle ,beginning from the induction of gametes and following the whole embryonic development under the microscope. Embryos later gets into pluteis larvae form with two arms (its the stage which i particularly liked a lot). Finally the juvenile sea biscuit resorbs the larval tissue and begins to explore its new habitat.The entire video is brilliantly shot displaying some very fine details of embryonic development of echinoderms.

This footage was done in the Marine Biology Center of University of São Paulo (CEBIMar-USP), located in São Sebastião, SP, Brazil, northern shore of State of São Paulo.

A Sea Biscuit’s Life from Bruno Vellutini on Vimeo.
Hope you all enjoy this video, displaying a wonderful sight of animal getting to life in about 3 minutes. Finally i would like to thank Bruno for allowing to feature his video on my blog.
Link to Bruno’s blog

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2 Responses to A master piece by Bruno Vellutini -Watch a sea biscuit getting to life

  1. Bruno says:

    Thanks for the support!

  2. Nagraj says:

    Most welcome Bruno and thanks again for that wonderful video!!!!

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